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History podcasts on Campusradio: Karlsruhe Underdogs and Mystery Places

Since October 2022, EUKLID students Nicolas Novak and Martin Ullmann have been presenting an often unknown but nevertheless exciting biography from Karlsruhe's city history (almost) every month in their podcast "Karlsruher Underdogs". The concept of the podcast, in which only one of the presenters knows the biography in advance and thus introduces it to his counterpart and the audience alike, is inspired by the podcast "Stories from History" by Daniel Meßner and Richard Hemmer.

The approximately one-hour episodes are published on Campusradio Karlsruhe. They will be broadcast live on the Karlsruhe FM frequency 104.8 MHz and streamed online or can be listened to afterwards as a podcast on the campus radio website ( The episodes are also available on Spotify, YouTube and Audible.

The podcast is aimed at anyone interested in history as well as anyone who wants to find out more about Karlsruhe's city history and, above all, be surprised by lesser-known perspectives. The individual biographies are often embellished with little anecdotes, but are also embedded in larger contexts concerning the city, the nation or even Europe itself. For example, Kunigunde Fischer and her fight for women's suffrage, Emil Kessler as a railroad pioneer and industrial promoter or the role of Paul Billet in the rise of National Socialism in Karlsruhe in the early 1930s have all been covered so far.

Podcast episodes have been released so far (as of May 2024)

- Julius Jolly

- Wilhelm Paulcke

- Friedrich von Weech

- Catharina Würbs

- Eduard Devrient

- Karl Steinbuch

- Friedrich Hecker

- Kunigunde Fischer

- Wilhelm Lauter

- Paul Billet

- Anna Ettlinger

- Stéphanie de Beauharnais

- Emil Kessler

- Henning von Brüsewitz

- Franz Gurk

Feedback can be sent by e-mail ( or via X (formerly Twitter) (@KA_Underdogs).

In addition to "Karlsruher Underdogs", Nicolas Novak has also been producing the historical program series "Mystery Places" for Campusradio Karlsruhe since December 2022. Here, a historical location is presented as a riddle in 5-10-minute episodes, also usually published monthly, without directly naming it; listeners can guess the location they are looking for, send the solution to Campusradio and win prizes. The format is the successor to Novak's program "Mystery Biography", which appeared in eight episodes with a similar concept on campus radio in 2022. "Mystery Places" appears live on Campusradio Karlsruhe or can be listened to as an entertaining podcast on the Campusradio website ( The episodes also appear on Spotify and YouTube.

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