Student project: Festive greeting for the 25th anniversary of the Hanover Polytechnic (1856)

Explanation of the GeistSoz-Theater at KIT:

"A poem exists as a written source. When reading it, one imagines how the voice, the emphasis and the rhythm of this poem might have sounded at the jubilee celebrations. Members of KIT's GeistSoz Theater offer an interpretation of this.
The youngest university theater group at KIT is notable for its self-written texts, which are presented on various small stages in Karlsruhe. The GeistSoz-Theater is mainly supported by active and former students of the KIT Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and is known for also performing social and socio-critical plays, which are usually performed on campus in the fall."

Festgruß zum 25. Jubiläum des Polytechnikums Hannover (1856)

Sound: GeistSoz-Theater, Karlsruhe

Text: Ernst Rommel, Festgruß zum fünfundzwanzigjährigen Jubiläum der polytechnischen Schule zu Hannover, am 2. Mai 1856, in: Karl Karmarsch, Die polytechnische Schule zu Hannover, 2nd much exp. ed., Hannover 1856 [= Festschrift zum Jahrestag der Gründung], S. 209-212 [online].


Workshop reviews

The following student workshop reviews by Arne Cypionka and Melvin Pietschmann are based on a student performance expanded for the purpose of website publication.

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