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Dr. phil. Nicole Hesse

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    D-76131 Karlsruhe



  • History of energy, focus on renewable energies
  • Cultural history of technology
  • History of the environment and science
  • Historical knowledge in current debates

Publications (selection)

Wind Power and Rural Modernization: Wind-powered Water Supply Systems in Northern Germany and Southern France, 1880-1950. in: History & Technology 37 (2022), DOI: 10.1080/07341512.2022.2033388

Visible Winds: The Production of new Visibility Regimes of Wind Energy in West Germany, 1973-1991. In: Centaurus. An International Journal of the History of Science and its Cultural Aspects 63 (3/2021).

(with Julia Erdogan u. Julia Zons) And it zoomed. Digital teaching from a techno-historical perspective. In: Contemporary History Online (2021),

(with Julia Zons) Techno-Nature. Hybrid constellations of nature staging. In: Trajectoires (2019), URL :

Windwerkerei. Practices of wind energy use in the early German environmental movement. In: History of Technology 83 (2/2016), pp. 125-150.

Lectures (selection)


"Transformative Power?" Wind Energy and the Environmental Movement in Germany - Workshop Transformative Technologies (BMBF), Deutsches Museum Munich.


"Symbolic Visibility" Wind Turbines' Change of Meaning since the Early Environmental Movement - Workshop Latent, Present Energy, University of Bern/Zurich.


"Grids of Knowledge" Wind Energy Usage in Southern France 1880-1940 - Annual Meeting, Society for the History of Technology, St. Louis


"Under Pressure" Low-Tech Wind Energy Landscapes in Times of Energy Transitions, 1880-1940 - Conference How new are the Renewables? Rachel Carson Center, Deutsches Museum, University of Innsbruck


Studies of History and German Language and Literature at the Technical University Darmstadt

2001-2004 Student assistant (general history, history of technology)

2004-2005 Student exhibition project "St. Stephan's Displaced Persons Settlement

2007 Graduation as Magistra Artium

2007-2013 Project assistant and project management "Sprachförderung für Kinder mit Migrationshintergrund" (language support for children with migration background)

2013-2016 Scholarship holder of the interdisciplinary DFG Research Training Group GRK (1343) "Topology of Technology".

2015 Research stay in Montpellier/France

2016-2022 Research assistant University of Stuttgart, Institute of History, Dept. History of the Impact of Technology

2016-2022 Editor of the journal TECHNIKGESCHICHTE

Since 04/2022 Research associate at the Institute for Technology Futures of the KIT

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